The machine frame and tabletop is made from Stainless Steel. The conveyor



Can diameter- 35mm. to 100mm.

Can height- 20mm. to 100mm.

Output:- up to 20 per minute depending on the container size and the label size

Eletric Power:-  400 V, 3 ph, 4 wire 50 C/s. 16 KW

Compressed Air:-170 LPM, @ 7 bar constant pressure




Cans will be linked on conveyor, where the pusher will push and form in 5/10/12 Cans in lines. The line will go further and will turn 90degree  (in rolling position). Then it goes to web sealing machine, (The Sleever) where film will be wrapped  around the specified number of cans and then it will pass through the shrink tunnel. The sleeved can will pass through shrink tunnel and will be shrink wrapped