Double chamber tea Bag packing machine
Electric supply:3x380V/220V 50Hz
Installed power:1,5 KVA
Dimensions:2415 x 420 x 1915 mm
Packing material:filter tissue paper
Width of packing material:94 mm
Max diameter of material reel:300 mm
reel core diameter:76 ± 1 mm
Number of reels installed on machine:1 reels
Bag (sachet)
proposed length:60 mm
proposed width (for bag of black tea ):40 mm
proposed width (for bag of fruit and herbal tea):45 mm
Bag weight:Two-chambers sachet for 2 g portion, wrapped by string; label is put under Trapezoidal closure of sachet
dosing accuracy:± 5 %
Output:1 lane machine
Output for black tea packing:max 100 PCs/min
Output for fruit and herbal tea packing:max 70 PCs/ min.
The basic sub-assemblies of the machine:
– Sachet forming system
– String feeding system
– wire feeding system
– Label feeding system
– Feeder
– control cabinet
– Machine may be provided with equipment for packing sachets into envelope for heat sealed envelope

All machine elements having direct contact with packed product are made of materials approved by the State Institute of Hygiene (P.H.Z.)
Protective system – residual current operated protection device
Mechanical protection – guards
Working conditions – general-purpose production room