1. Machine use Servo control can make the machine stable and durable
  2. High Accurate CPU count ,can be tolerance less than 0.001%
  3. Adjustable End seal Mode can avoid cutting
  4. can set the incense sticks No. on Touch Screen
  5. Bag Length Can be Adjust From Touch Screen

Model                                   –    SF 300

Packing Length                –    180-600MM (fixed)

Film Thickness                 –    0.02-0.06mm

Max Film                                300mm

Bag Length                            100-400mm

Packing Width                 –    80-120mm

Packing Height                   ≤50mm

Dimension (LXWXH)     1600Ⅹ1300Ⅹ       1380mm

Weight                               –   320kg

Tolerance                         –   <0.01%

Packing Speed       10-20PCS 30-35/min;30-

50PCs 15-26/min .60pcs 10-15/min.100pcs/