1.H      MACHINE : Complete machine construction is  of  M.S.

CONSTRUCTION    All product contact parts are of S.S. 316.


1.I        SEALING METHOD  : Constant heating system – Laminate




1.K      SPOUT FIXING : Spouts are dumped in a Vibratory Bowl Feeder. With the help of vibrations and air, spouts are conveyed to the pneumatically operated Pick & Place System that picks up individual spouts and  transfers to the duly filled pouch underneath. The spout is heat sealed inside the pouch.


1.L      ELECTRICALS : 440/230V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, AC. In case of abnormal fluctuations in voltage and/or Frequency, we recommend that you install a voltage  Stabilizer to feed constant voltage to the machine.


1.M     POWER REQUIRED  : 6.0 KW


1.N      COMPRESSED AIR :  Dry compressed air at 7 Kg/cm2 air

REQUIREMENT                      pressure to be supplied to the machine at

50cfm by you.


1.O      COLD WATER : Cold water circulation is required to be

REQUIREMENT                     provided to the machine at 5 to 15 deg.                                                                                                               C at a circulation capacity of  20 litres/minute.


1.P       CONTROLS : The machine is controlled through PLC

(Programmable Logic Controller) of Mitsubishi make.