High Speed Single chamber Tea bag Machine with string, tag and paper outer sachet

Product  : Herbal tea, green tea, black tea, medical tea, moringa tea etc.

Tea bag : single chamber / 3 side sealed

Output per minute : 100 to 105 tea bags with outer sachets

Filter tea bag size : 62.5 mm x 50 mm (bottom gusseting)

Paper outer sachet size : 75 mm x 70 mm

Tag Size : 28 mm x 24 mm

Thread length : 210 mm

Filling method : volumetric cup filling

Total power : 2.0KW

Tea bag volume : 1gm to 2gm (as desired by customer)

Measuring capacity of volumetric cups : 1g to 3g

Tea bag material : Filter paper, cotton thread, tag paper

Mesh size of tea : 30-80 mesh

Grade of tea : dust / broken

Method of packing tea bag : heat sealing

Method of sealing tag with thread : glue pasting

Machine dimension : 1700 x 1340 x 2200mm

Machine weight : approx. 750kg

Special features : a) Heat sealable tag (instead of glue pasting)

  1. b) Boxing Device