Pyramid Tea bag with thread, tag & Outer sachet device

Sealing Type : Triangular / Pyramid/ rectangular  (Shape can be changed with a press of a button)

Features : The inner bag with thread and tag automatically

Dosing : 4 head linear weigher

PID :  Omron Japan

HMI : Winview

PLC : Mitsubishi  Japan

Filling Range : 2g to 5g Tea

Capacity : 30-35 (bag/min)

Size of Flat Bag :  As per requirement of customer

Length of Pyramid bag : As per requirement of customer

Thread length : Approx. 26cm

Width of roll : Max. 180mm

Power supply : 220V / 50Hz, 1.2KW

Total Power :  3.0 KW

Air Pressure : 6 kg/Sq Cm (200 L/Min)

Rolled paper core  : Dia 76mm

Rolled paper outer  : Max. 400mm

Seal cutting : Impulse sealing

Sealing cutter : 2 sets

Packing material : Food grade non-woven fabrics and nylon filter fabric having pre-fixed thread & tag.